7-29 WOD


Warm up/mobility = see board
In teams of total/6 with one partner working at a time, complete the following for MaxReps.
3 Rounds / 2 min each station
WallBall (20/14 lb)
PushPress (95/63 lb)
RopeAscent 15′
ProwlerPush (220/145 lb) || SledDrag (90/60 lb) [a gym length == 1 rep]


7-24 WOD

    DK’s Farwell Wod :0(
    A. 10 min SplitJerk practice
    B. 10,000 Pounds
         lift 10,000 pounds of weight in doing
           ONE Deadlift
           ONE BackSquat
           ONE PowerClean
         in as few rounds as possible.
       * working with a partner or two is good.
       * scaling is good
       * Purists may want to restore Press for Power Clean

WOD 7-20


Photo By Mary Bernsen.

Warm up/mobility = see board
A. 4 Sets
Clean x 1.1.1 reps (squat clean)
Rest 10 sec
TallBoxJump x (step down, rest 5 sec betwixt)

B. 15-9-6 reps of:

Cleans 135 pounds
Ring dips


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