Run 600m
1 Lap Spiderman
3 Rounds
1 Forward Roll
5 InchWorm+PushUp
6 JumpingLunge
A. 12 min practice HS Hold / Walk, break with HollowRock or LSit
7 PullUp
14 WallBall (20/14 lb)
Rest 4 min
8 PowerClean (135/95 lb)
24 DU

CrossFit SW Portland A regular CF fitness program will do this for you: Improve your strength and endurance, stronger bones, improve your flexibility and posture, you will be happier, healthier, leaner and you will have more energy. Experts say this may lead to a better sex life. Your entire body will thank you for exercising. So get moving today and improve your confidence, improve your health and improve the way you look and feel!

CrossFit SW Portland can help get you there!
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