Registration is now closed.

For those competing:
8:00am check in /warm up
9:35 review of standards
9:00am first heat goes
We will call out your name when it is your turn to get ready to compete.
Your name and time is on the white board. Check this when you come in.

WOD1: “Helena” 12min cut off (time equals 12:00 if incomplete)
RX 3rds of 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x pull ups, 100x Double Under jump rope.
Scaled 2rds 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x jumping pull ups, 200x Single jump rope.
Beginner 1rds 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x jumping pull ups, 100x Squats.
SCORE = time

WOD2: “Karena”: 5 min time cap
Complete 60 situps as a “buy in” then wallballs till the clock runs out
competitor chooses ball weight.
Throw to the normal marks (boys 10feet / girls 8feet)
There is no difference between RX, Scaled, and Beginner.
SCORE = wallball reps x ball weight

WOD3: “Grace”: 6min cut off (time equals 6:00 if incomplete)
Grace: 30x clean (muscle, power, squat) and jerk/press/pushpress (aka ground to overhead). Not a snatch, must be 2 movements.
RX men = 135#, women = 95#
Scaled men = 95#, women = 65#
Beginner men = 65#, women = 45#
(weight drops accordingly for each division)
SCORE = time

Good Luck competitors!

CFSWP Competitors:
Jen L.
Heather T.
Troy S.
Brian K.
Jenn K.
Huston H.
Natasha E.
Cody H.
Lauren H.
Leah C.
Darren A.
Tammy M
Susan W.
James L.


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