2-26 WOD

warm up/mobility = see board
1) Skill 15 min DoubleUnder
2) ForTime
50 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
40 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
30 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
20 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
10 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
3) 100 EvilWheel ForTime


2-23 WOD Bring a Friend & Community Day

2:00-5:00pm- EVENT
2:00pm Kipping Clinic

3:00-5:00pm heats will run through for the below wod.

In teams of two – share the work run together

400m run with med ball
50 wall ball partner toss
75 burpees (one partner holds ball overhead)
75 med ball sit ups
100 jumping squats (other partner holds planks)
400m run with med ball.

Thank you for joining us tonight! what a great night at CFSWP: A few of us went to Dick’s Kitchen for dinner and drinks and to play pool after at the Gypsy! Nice night all!

Welcome: Ian, Keith and Michele to CFSWP!



Thanks Richard from Dick's Kitchen from stopping by our community and Bring a friend day.
Thanks Richard from Dick’s Kitchen for stopping by.





Winners of tonight’s raffle:

Scott Harris won: Dick’s burger certificate donated by DK’s.

Amanda Elder won a month of CrossFit SW Portland membership.

Keith Van Houston won a CFSWP paleo tracking book.

Eric Lancaster won a 30 min massage with Ryan.

Meat package won by Troy Stange donated by Proletariat Butchery

Thank you Dave Norman for coming out and shooting footage of the event!

2-20 WOD

warm up/mobility = see board
3 MuscleUp
9 HRPushUp
12 BoxJump (24/20′)
Rest 5 min
5 Thruster (135/95#)
10 PullUp
40 DoubleUnder
Rest 5 min
7 DeadLift (185/125#)
14 Burpee
100m ShuttleRun