Saturday: 9:00am

Meet at the Lincoln Track. Box closed for PowerLifting course
Warm Up:
Run 400m
Partner stretches (push/pull heel)
Stretching lunge (10 ea leg)
Dynamic stretches

Run 400m
100 air squats
100 sit-ups
Run 400m
75 air squats
75 sit-ups
Run 400m
50 air squats
50 sit-ups
Run 400m
25 air squats
25 sit-ups

$$ 1min max effort burpees

Functional Fitness Boot Camp-11:00am WOD W/ Cody H


Run 400m
Dynamic Warm Up

Every 5 minutes for 6 rounds:
Sprint 200m for time
Run 400m
-Rest for the remainder of the 5 minutes.

Stadium Stairs

$$$ Cash out: Partner Wheelbarrow races and/or sack races

hitting the sprints!
hitting the sprints!


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