Sunday = FUN at CFSWP!

2:00pm: Olympic Lifting
2:00pm: CrossFit 101/Intro’s- MUST RSVP
3:00pm: Open gym/ Mobility
4:00pm: BroomStick Mile WOD

The the fun starts at 4:00pm with the Broomstick mile, followed by paleo potluck and a toast! Bring a friend we will scale the WOD for them. Prizes for best dressed, best time.

Bar does not touch the ground until the entire workout is over. You can use a broomstick, PVC pipe, 30# bar, or a 45# bar.

Broomstick Mile:

25 back squat
25 front squat
25 overhead squat
400m run

25 shoulder press
25 push press
25 push jerk
400m run

50 squat cleans
50 thrusters
400m run

50 snatches
400m run

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