Great read found in the CF Journal regarding the overhead lifts: this Friday we will test your strict press when we do CF Total.

In this article published in the journal we will look closer at the: Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk.

The Overhead lifts and why a strong core is critical to these lifts. (Actually almost every workout we do here trains the core, example: remember those wall ball sit-ups yesterday? I know you loved them as much as you do thrusters, as found in today’s workout. You can thank us when you PR this Friday). 😉




Row 500m
4PositionPullUpBarHang(PronatedClose,PronatedWide,SupinatedClose,SupinatedWide :30 each)
2 Rounds
10 PushUp
15 Squat

1) 4 Sets
ShoulderPress x 2-3 reps @21X1 [more weight]
Rest :90
StrictPullUp x 6-12 reps @21X0 [more reps]
Rest :90

2) ForTime (Unless your name is Darren)
40 WallBall
30 Burpee
20 WallBallSitup
20 WallBallSitup
30 Burpee
40 WallBall

SmashCuff (LaxBall)


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