CFSWP Hoodie – designed by coach Troy!
You know you will look OUTSTANDING in this hoodie. Taking pre-orders now.

Send your name & size asap. When you pre-order this will help assure we have your correct size saved for you. ;D

Prepay $45.00
At the box $50.00 — with Troy Stange and 2 others at CrossFit SW Portland.

Row 500m
BandyLunge 2:00/Leg
2 Rounds
5 TigerPushUp
10 AltLunge
Clean WarmUp Together

1) 15 min ME 2-PositionClean (Hip,Floor) + 1 Jerk; Rest as needed

2) EMOM7 2-PositionClean (Hip,Floor) + 1 Jerk @65% of #1, focus speed and technique

3) Row 500m @100%

Rest/Walk 5:00


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