Sunday Fun!

What a fantastic weekend!

First it started with Jenn’s hero WOD on Sat. and several members coming in and conquering it. Then 3 amazing ladies competed in the RX division at the NW Fitness Games in Salem. Coach Jenn and Shan had the pleasure of cheering these ladies on.

Sunday we had yet another amazing day in our Beginner CrossFit 101 class. Man you guys are catching on fast and I can’t wait to see where you will take this. Let’s set those 3 month goals and CFSWP will get you there!

Coach Troy had our Olympic Lifting group work on hang power cleans and squat cleans today. Fantastic technique work guys!

Open Gym was a wild site with multiple wods going on at once. Darren and Michael were working on various weightlifting movements while Cecilia was rolling and recovering from yesterday’s competition. Patrick and Mikey were flipping tires doing HSPU and KB. Shan and Scott took on Saturday’s hero WOD.

Then the teams kicked some serious WOD butt with running,pull-ups,thrusters and KB in the 4pm team WOD.

You guys are amazing! We are so passionate about what we do and LOVE our box! We are amazed everyday by your level of commitment, passion and goal conquering!

Keep up the great work all and keep going strong.

Sunday is Funday at CFSWP!

2:00pm CrossFit 101
2:00pm Olympic Lifting
3:00pm Open gym/Mobility
4:00pm Surprise Team WOD

Nice Work Cecilia, Kelsey and Athena!
Nice Work Cecilia, Kelsey and Athena!



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