January is off to a great start with our annual nutrition challenge and performance testing to Fight Gone Bad. We have a great number of people doing it officially and unofficially! We are here for you – you got this!

There are a few competitions coming up this weekend. Good Luck to Val, who is competing at Ft. Vancouver Invitational this weekend- should be a great comp! I know a few of our members will be there watching the event – so let’s cheer her on!

The rest of you that are coming to the box to compete this Saturday or to volunteer, check in time is at 9am, No Saturday class- come cheer on your fellow members! There will also be a sign up sheet for free 15 min massage on the back wall by the bulletin board, come early and sign up before they are gone.

Row 500m
2 Rounds
5 PushUp
5 Bootstrap
5 Squat
1) Take 15:00 to work up to a heavy pause single in the FrontSquat (3 sec pause in bottom), Not a 1RM.
2) ForTime
50 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
40 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
30 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
20 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)
10 WallBall (unbroken)
50 DoubleUnder (unbroken)

Happy Birthday Samara & Welcome January getting Started Athletes!



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