Goodluck to all competitors competing this weekend. Reminder no 9:00am class on Saturday, join us to cheer on your fellow athletes competing this weekend.

Row 500m
1 Len Inchworm
1 Len Spiderman
1 Lap Lunge+PassThru
3 rounds of Cindy [5 pull ups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats]

1) 20:00 to find 1RM FrontSquat
2) 3 Rounds ForTime
Row 400m
15 Burpee
15 MedBallSitUp

Saturday, 1-11:
Heat Times:

8:30-> Check In / Warm up *as needed
9:45am Briefing / Movement Standards
10:00am Helena Heat1
10:20am Helena Heat2
10:40am Helena Heat3
11:00am Karena Heat1
11:10am Karena Heat2
11:20am Karena Heat3
11:30am Grace Heat1
11:40am Grace Heat2
11:50am Grace Heat3
12:00-12:30> Scoring and Awards

Heat 1 m:4, f:6
Troy Stange RX.M
Neil Parker RX.M
Michael Uyehara-Keli’ikoa RX.M
David Slafsky RX.M
Kelsey Johnson RX.F
Cecilia Baker RX.F
Cana Duran RX.F
Mary Scotty RX.F
Amie Perkins MRX.30.F
Parisjat Umscheid MRX.30.F

Heat 2 m:3, f:7
Cameron Wall RX.M
Michael Kahoekapu-Cruz RX.M
Dale Marcum MRX.30.M
Karen Matthews SC.F
Sam Wiley SC.F
Kat Dougherty SC.F
Samara Carranza SC.F
Jennifer Cho SC.F
Carrie Higley SC.F
Danielle Welsh BG.F

Heat 3 m:3, f:7
Lyman Hiter RX.M
Steve Umscheid MRX.40.M
Chris Mar SC.M
Melissa Coggins SC.F
Christina Farrell SC.F
Kate Hopson SC.F
Paula Bryson BG.F
Tonya Striefel MSC.30.F
Carolyn Brown MSC.30.F
Michelle Marcum MSC.30.F

Goodluck and have fun!

A few pictures from last year.


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