Registration for the 2014 Open competition is going on now. Starting the last week of Feb. we will host 1x a week for 5 weeks that weeks Open workout for official and unofficial challengers. It is open to everyone! We will post what day as we get closer to the kick off.

For now, join in on the fun and register. We had a blast the last couple years hosting this and know it’s going to be even more exciting this year with our kick butt community!


Thursday’s WOD:


Row 500m
3 Rounds
5 StrictPullUp
5 BootStrapper
5 Cossack
1) 5×5 CleanGripRDL @85% of 1RM C+J; Rest :90
2) AMRAP10
10 DeadLift 135/95#
10 PushUp
3) Handstand Hold Accumulate 3:00

tie breaker
tie breaker


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