Row 500m
2 Rounds
10 PushUp
10 Lunge

1) 3 Sets
Press x 5 reps
Rest :60
WeightedStepUp x 10 Reps (5/Leg, knee high box)
Rest :60

2) ForTime
80 AltLunge
40 PushUp
60 AltLunge
30 PushUp
40 AltLunge
20 PushUp
20 AltLunge
10 PushUp


Start of week 4 of the strict paleo Challenge- KEEP GOING- Make this week count and remember why you started. You got this.

Retesting SuperBowl Sunday- special hours.
Join us to retest/pictures/measurements Sunday at noon, KidFit 1:00pm, Oly and CrossFit 101 2:00pm. Gym closes at 3:00pm. To be able to win the grand prize you must retest and have measurements and pictures taken by end of day Monday Feb 3rd. Winners will be announced on Feb 4th.

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