Coming this June…

We had many requests for more, so here it is.

OPEN GYM ON FRIDAYS w/coach assistant Mike C..
3:30-4:30PM starting the FIRST Friday in JUNE.

This Open gym will not be a regular instructor led CF class. This open gym is for you to do supplemental work, work on your goals, progressions, get in some extra mobility or for the experienced athlete to get in a missed wod or do barbell work. Mike will be here to assist you if you need any help.

*Open Gym=even more progress!



Row 500m or Run 400m
3 Rounds
7 SupineRow
7 BootStrapper
Clean WarmUp

1) 5 x 3-PositionPowerClean(Hip, Knee, Floor) @70%(ish) of 1RM; Rext :90

2) ForTime
21 MedBallSitUp
21 Burpee
18 MedBallSitUp
18 Burpee
15 MedBallSitUp
15 Burpee
12 MedBallSitUp
12 Burpee
9 MedBallSitUp
9 Burpee

* Updated boards coming soon! Log your benchmark wods and weight-lift maxes.



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