We love customer feedback from all members. Thank you for sharing Brian.

Thank you CFSWP for the quality instruction and my start with CF. Since I have moved, I keep looking to find a CF gym that offers the same level of professionalism, programming and instruction and there is just no one that can replace coach Steve. Looks like you spoiled me. Thank you CrossFit SW Portland.


Wow!!! Thank you for sharing! We have many members driving an hour or so to come here because they are seeking that same thing. You know where to find us if you decide to make the commute. We offer CrossFit classes 7 days a week now! Hope to see you at one of them soon.


Run 400m
1 Len InchWorm
2 Rounds
5 PushUp
10 OneLeggedDeadLift+LegSwing
1) 4 Sets
DeadLift x 3-5 reps
Rest :30
StrictHSPU x MR-2
Rest :90
2) AMRAP12
9 DeadLift 155/105#
12 HR PushUp
15 BoxJump 24″

$$$ 3×20 GHD



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