In light of the tragedy that struck our community at Reynolds high school, 3-46 GRIT CrossFit will be hosting a fundraiser WOD, “#PRAYFORREYNOLDS, WOD FOR UNITY”.

Proceeds from this WOD will be divided between the, Emilio Hoffman’s family, and also the family of Jared Pagdett. Both families lost their sons that day and both families will be forever changed from the events that transpired.

3-46 GRIT hopes to bring the local CrossFit community together to show support and help in the painstaking healing process. The WOD will be a 4-person team event and will be open for all to participate. Donations are voluntary but If you choose to donate $30 or more you will receive a #PRAYFORREYNOLDS t-shirt.

Please pre-order by Monday, June 16th via email: If you want to order a shirt and not participate in the WOD you are of course more than welcome to do so as well. WOD times are as follows: Wednesday, June 18th at 7 pm And Saturday, June 21 at 11 am If you can invite friends and family as well and participate in both if you want to.

Our hopes are that this, in some small way, will help our community come together, in the face of tragedy, and help both families to heal and begin to feel our love and support. Let’s come together and show the world how we hold one another up when the strength to do so alone just isn’t quite there.

Sunday Funday:

Happy Father’s Day!
Dads are invited to join us for a free WOD this Sunday.

2:00pm CrossFit 101 w/ coach Steve
2:00pm Olympic Lifting w/coach Troy
3:00pm TEAM WOD

* 3:00pm & 4:00pm is also open for open gym


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