Congrats to those that decided to get back on track and eat clean for 30 days. We are here to support and cheer you on.

For those official clean eating challengers that would like before pictures and measurements taken…Shannon can take pictures before or after the 9:00am and noon class on Thursday, Friday and next Monday.

If these times do not work for you please email her directly to make an appt at Or you can choose to take your own, this is for your record.

Please note that shannon wods at noon on most MWF, so it will need to be at least 10min before or right after the noon workout. Thanks all and keep up the great work.

Good luck challengers!
You got this!


Fire for effect!WarmUp
Run or Row 400m
2 Rounds
8 SupineRow
8 SuperMan
8 Squat
WarmUp FS

1) Take 15:00 to find a heavy single PauseFrontSquat (3 second pause, rock bottom)

2) ForTime
50 WallBall 20/14#
15 KBS 24/16 kg
35 WallBall 20/14#
30 KBS 24/16 kg
20 WallBall 20/14#
45 KBS 24/16 kg

$$$ see board



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