Run or Row 400m
3 Rounds
5 PullUp
5 PushUp
10 WallBall
WarmUp Movements

1) AMRAP10
6 PowerClean 135/95#
9 RingDip (comp: 6 MuscleUp)
Run 200m

Rest 5:00

2) AMRAP10
6 Thruster 115/75#
9 C2B
Row 250m



Save the date and join us:

”End of Summer WOD!”
When: Sunday, August 31st, 3:00pm
What: Benchmark WOD (no team today)

*Followed by toast and paleo potluck- bring your favorite dish!

We will raise a glass to Kelsey who is finishing up her last 2 weeks at OHSU nursing school, Natasha for baby #2 is coming soon and way to go to those completing the clean eating challenge on that day! Yay!

So much to celebrate, so be sure to get in here and join us for a great wod and toast! Bring a friend and we will scale it for them.

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