Run 400m
3 Rounds
5 PullUp
5 PushUp
5 SitUp
5 Squat
1) 5×3 OHS; Rest :90
2) ForTime = mainsite wod
Run 400m
50 PullUp
Run 400m
50 PushUp
Run 400m
50 SitUp
Run 400m
50 Squat

CF Burn (9am, 6:30pm)
Warm Up
Row 400m
1 lap KneeUp
Row 400m
1 lap ButtKicker
5:00 DU work
1) (CIRCLE OF DEATH).font++ for Jen k
PlankHold while one person is called out to perform 20 perfect Squats.
** 10:00 TimeCap
** Make sure to perform the COD, by the WALL OF SORROWS adjacent to the WELL OF LOST SOULS
2) AMRAP22
Sprint 200m (Run or Row)
5 PullUp
10 PushUp
15 Squat


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