Row 500m
3 Rounds
5 PullUp
5 PushUp
5 Squat
1) 4 Sets
BenchPress x 5 reps
Rest :30
SupineRow x 8 reps
Rest :90
2) AMRAP12
10 DB Burpee 35/20# (no jump)
25m FarmersCarry 35/20#
10 RenegadeRow 35/20#
25m OHCarry 35/20#

Row 600
3 Rounds
100 Singles (JumpRope)
10 ScapPullUp
10 ScapPushUp
10 WallSquat
Bodyweight FGB
3 Rounds ForReps
1:00 PushUp
1:00 PullUp
1:00 BoxJump 24/20″
1:00 Squat
1:00 Lunge
1:00 Rest

*Holiday hours!

We will be open for 1 class on 11/27 -Thanksgiving day! Yay! First heat goes at 9am!

Be sure to get in here for a great Thanksgiving morning workout (don’t miss this one) and get ready to burn some pre Thanksgiving dinner calories!

No am classes on Nov. 28th, evening classes are on regular schedule!

No Restore Saturday yoga on Nov 22nd, be sure to sign up online for restore yoga this Sat. At 10:15.
We will have the heat on!

See you in the Box!
It’s Time To Train!


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