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This Sunday, Feb 1st, Join us for another Fun Sunday.

 We will celebrate your success with the 30 days of clean eating and workout consistency and retest to Helen. Will you beat your time?

2:00pm measurement/post pictures for our official challengers, 2:00pm unofficial challengers (all levels) start warming up, first heat goes at 2:30pm. The next heat starts at 3:00pm.

3:30pm we will celebrate the end of our clean eating challenge with a paleo potluck, Norcal toast. Watch the Superbowl at the box. Thank you Tammy Martin for bringing the projector the make this the Best Superbowl Party yet!

Two winner will split the pot!

Congrats Samara and Chris Mar! Everyone had results, everyone wins in this regards! Outstanding work all.

“The Path to Success is to take massive determined action”

– Anthony Robbins

#Community #FitnessFun #ResultsDrivenGym


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