3-30 Testing this week folks, get in here. M-bench, Wed-Squat,Th-deadlift,Fri-strict press.

Monday is going to rock! Get ready to test this week and get ready for Wendler training!
Run or Row 400m
5:00 DU work
1 Lap Lunge+PassThru
1 Lap Spideman
1) 20:00 find your 1RM BenchPress
2) 4 Rounds ForTime
5 MuscleUp (or 10 C2B)
10 DB Burpee 35/20#
50 DoubleUnder
$) push up challengers do 2 more today
RestWalk 200m / Roll / Stretch


3-31- Huge congrats to all of those who hit a new PR yesterday- you guys are awesome!

Run 600m
3 Rounds
6 PassThru
WarmUp Snatch
1) EMOM10 HangSnatch + Snatch + OHS
2) Every 90 seconds, for 18 minutes (4 sets of each):
1: RomanianDeadlift x 6 reps
2: SupineRow x 8 reps
3: PushUp x 8 reps

$ Do 2 more push ups today, split them up if you need to through out the day if you have to. Get them done!


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