Upcoming Events:
Memorial Day WOD- MURPH
Open for the 9:00am class only
May 30th Starlight Wod potluck/BBQ 5:00pm
June 5th- BarBell Club Friday’s in June 6:30pm. RSVP! Serious Gains in the 6 week program
June 6th- CFSWP Girls Night Out! 6:00pm Thai Peacock – downtown Portland
June 7th Clean Eating Challenge kick off
2:30pm measurements / pictures 3:00pm Test with a baseline workout!
RSVP: info@cfswp.com

Bring it!


Run or Row 400m
3 Rounds
10 KipSwing
10 PassThru
10 OHS
WarmUp Snatch

1) EMOM10 1 PowerSnatch + 1 Snatch + 1 OHS

2) ForTime
21 Thruster
21 PullUp
Run 400m
15 Thruster
15 PullUp
Run 400m
9 Thruster
9 PullUp
Run 400m



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