Oct 3rd- Graduation DAY!

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Oct 3rd

9am endurance w/coach Steve

Graduation day for troop 012

Congrats to Troop 012!

They finished strong, everyone who retested today had beat their initial scores and had great results.

6 moving on or back to CF (Meghan, Zuhair, Melissa, Victoria, Jess, Jan, Laura, Sherrill) 5 rejoining us into troop 013 (Kurt, Melinda, Andrea, Marjie and Maritza)Congrats all.

Our next 6 week camp starts Oct 10th. This Sat!!

Only 5 spots left.

$49 save your spot in our last Transformation Machine of the year! 503-810-4722

Let’s go!

Ladies Night: Great night thanks for coming by al!

Ladies-Night-Out-Logo IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3317


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