Row 500m
2 Rounds
9 CleanGripRDL (barbell) 
9 Inchworm+PushUp
:30 HSH
1) DeadLift find a tough triple
2) “Dianne”
DeadLift 225/155#

EveryDay Warrior workouts start the first week of Nov. Will be hosting this workout every Sunday at 3pm. You can sign up officially at the link below.
Help a family fight cancer. All proceeds goes to the families.
The Everyday Warrior Battle Series WODs have been announced.

If you haven’t signed up already, there is still time. WODs will start the first week of November!

We will be doing these workouts 1x a week as a gym anyways, so sign up and help a family fight cancer!

Typically these are done Sunday’s at 3:00pm.

Winter schedule:

starting Nov. 1st -Feb 1st.

Join us MWF 11:00am
No MWF 9:00am classes

7am continues Tue/Thur

[Evening classes the same]


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