201 classes and testing week
1. Take 15 min to work up to heavy bench
2. 3×10 strict press
3. Pullups 3×5 or  Strict/Weighted Pull Up Test:
:or Strict Weighted pull up 1RM

4. CF Baseline
500m row, 40x Squats, 30x Sit Up, 20x Push Up, 10x Pull Up


1. OHS; Build to 1RM, from a rack in
12-15 min
2. Conditioning
Run x400M
OHS x15 [95/65#]


1. Take 15 min to build to heavy backsquat
2. then
21-15-9, reps for time;
Power Clean 115/75# +
Burpee over bar;

3x 8-10 reps
A. Tuck Ups 3x 15

warm up

Take 15 min to work on gymnastic skill

 PullUps/MU progressions
 Freestyle HSH
 Max L-Sit for time; Mod Tuck Hold
Max HS Walk +Hold
Wall Facing HS Hold
Max distance HS Walk

AMRAP30 min; go as far as you can in the following;
a. Run 100m [or Airbike 10/8 Cal]
b. KB Swings x15 [53/35#]
c. Box Jump +Step Down x15
d. Hollow Rocks x15
e. DB Power Snatch x15 [alt arms – total reps]
f. Row 150m
rest 90 sec- start at any station


Max rep deadlift
5 rounds- DT prep
135/85  pound Deadlift, 12 reps
Hang power clean,9 reps
Push jerk, 6 reps.
Emom 8 x3 Push press
Min 1. 40 sec of wallball
Min 2. 40 sec of boxjump
Min 3.  40 sec farmers carry w/db- for laps
$$ assistant work see board

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